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Taught on Wednesday September 26, 2018
Taught again on Thursday September 27, 2018


1-DAY Course
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Trimming a hat can be the most difficult part of the creative design process. In this workshop, students will learn a unique trimming technique sure to please your clients. Starting with a pre-blocked hat, students will create twist and spiral details using wire, lycra stretch fabric and feather details.
This course focuses on the initial plan of the desired trim effect, the creation of the trim elements and the optimal placement and attachment of the trim. At the end of class the student will have a beautifully finished hat!

1-DAY Course
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Small headwear has altered the millinery landscape forever. Create sharp bandeau and bow headwear using this simple technique that guarantees results every time. The hero of the piece is the bow, created from fabric machined onto sinemay. Made in one continuous length then cut, machined and shaped before hand stitching to create the basic bow shape. Introduce steam and watch the bias do its magic. The 'saddle' headpiece base is supported with wire loops for easy and stable wearing.
Skillset objective
This class is deceptively simple. Students will enjoy the liberating sensation of creating firm yet elegantly plastic trimmings that defy gravity and are feather-light to wear.

1-DAY Course
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Create a structured “Dior” style brimmed hat from a buntal mat without the use of blocks. When you first venture into the world of millinery, compiling a collection a good blocks happens over time. In the absence of an extensive block collection, the ability to make and create a diverse range of hat shapes is a bonus. In this workshop you will learn some techniques that enable you to create a hat with structured large down turned brim without blocks, giving you skills to create your own unique shapes.
In this exciting course, students will discover the options and requirements for cutting and sewing the buntal mat straw. Learn how to work with the bias weave, in order to create a structured lamp shape style brim using steam, wire and the weave of the straw. Explore different design variables of brim slope and brim width. Learn brim edge and crown wiring techniques. At the end of this workshop, the delegate will have created a structured hat, ready for stiffening and trimming.
de Hoedenmaker (the Hatter)
(The Netherlands)

1-DAY Course
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What can you create with the cut-offs from blocking a felt hat or crown....a completely new and original hat!! We all have a collection of felt scraps that are tucked safely away for 'one day', and now is the time to utilize them in this creative fun workshop.
Using paper, students will create a pattern piece, duplicate that pattern piece and create a design on a hat block. Cut and repeat that pattern in a variety of colors from your stash of felt scraps. Position, sew and stiffen on the hat block resulting in your own special hat!

1-DAY Course

(taught on Wed Sept 26th ONLY)
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Participants will go through all the stages of the process of creating flowers from the leather. This will include the preparation of materials, making patterns, dying materials, assembling and finishing techniques. Students will learn how to work with a wide range of Japanese style flower making tools. The students will learn in detail how to make beautiful realistic looking flowers from leather.
The students will acquire the skills to start making leather flowers for themselves. At the end of class everybody will have ready to wear 2 leather flowers.

1-DAY Course

(taught on Thurs Sept 27th ONLY)
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In this workshop, the students will learn a famous Japanese flower making technique, Somebana. The flowers made using this technique look much more realistic than flowers made with the traditional French flower making technique.
Participants will go through all the stages of the process of creating flowers from the silk. This will include preparation of the silk, making patterns, dying silk, assembling and finishing techniques. Students will learn how to work with a wide range of Japanese style flower making tools and will achieve some proficiency in Japanese flower making Somebana technique. The students will make a beautiful realistic looking silk rose, suitable for use in millinery

1-DAY Course
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Learn how to make a vertical millinery veiling brim, using widow veiling. This popular look is not only cute, but works really well for summer occasional hats.
In this class, you'll learn to prepare the wire edge, discuss the optimum size this can be made and why, learn invisible stitches and how to block & stiffen the veiling to create a tight and neat brim.

1-DAY Course
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Develop your skills as a sculptor of feathers to create a truly bespoke piece! Learn how to wire and build mounts with a combination of feathers which you have hand dyed and dried, cut and shaped. Expand your view of feathers as trim and learn to wire and mount floating feathers into exquisite shapes!